“申诉专员”一词来自瑞典语,意思是“代表”.“监察员”、“监察员”或“监察员”这些名字都可以指这个职位. At LAVC, 申诉专员的角色是中立的一方和申诉程序的促进者. 申诉专员不作为投诉人或被投诉人的辩护律师。.

Grade Grievances

非正式的决议对成绩不满的学生应首先尝试以非正式的方式解决问题. 步骤概述如下:

  1. 学生的第一步是联系他们的老师 professor 讨论这个问题. 许多问题可以通过会议解决.
  2. 如果问题没有解决, 或者如果学生无法与教授见面, 下一步是联系 部主席. 学生应要求与适当的系主任会面. 请注意,匿名投诉或声明无法处理. 如果学生不知道部门主席是谁,他们可以联系监察员 @email 查阅主席的姓名和联络资料.
  3. 如果在与部门主席会面后没有达成决议, 下一步是在教务处与系主任会面. 学生应要求与相应地区的院长会面. 请注意,匿名投诉或声明无法处理. 如果学生不知道地区院长是谁,他们可以联系监察员 @email 查看院长的姓名和皇冠官网网站.

Formal Resolution: If, 在采取这些步骤之后, 尚未找到解决办法, 学生可以提出正式申诉. The CA Education Code Section 76224(a) specifies that the instructor’s determination of student grades shall be final, 除了欺诈案件, mistake, 恶意或无能. A student who reasonably believes and has proof that their instructor has issued an evaluative final grade based on any of these grounds is directed to contact the Ombudsperson at @email for assistance. 申诉专员可以解释申诉过程,但无权改变成绩. 大学校长做最后决定. 正式的申诉不能匿名提交.

The Grievance Hearing Request must be made within one-hundred and twenty (120) calendar days of the date of the alleged incident that is the basis of the student’s complaint. 请参阅本页底部的行政法规E-55的连结.

For complaints surrounding actions dealing with alleged discrimination on the basis of ethnic group identification, religion, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, 身体或精神残疾, 学生可以直接联系 LACCD多元化、公平和包容办公室.



The purpose of AP 5530 (link below) is to provide students a prompt and equitable means for resolving student(s) grievances. The grievance procedure may be initiated by one or more students who reasonably believe he/she/they have been subject to unjust action or denied rights involving their status or privileges as students. 学生有责任提交涉嫌不公平或不当行为的证据. 有关成绩的投诉受《皇冠官网网站》第76224 (a)条规管。.




学生行为标准可以在 Board Policy 5500.
Faculty and staff can find additional information on the student code of conduct and student discipline here.

Conduct in all of the Los Angeles Community Colleges must conform to District and college rules and regulations. Violations of such rules and regulations may result in disciplinary action depending on the individual’s status as student, faculty, staff or visitor. 违反这些规章制度的行为包括但不限于以下情况:

  • Willful disobedience to directions of college officials acting in the performance of their duties.
  • 违反学校规章制度, 包括那些与学生组织有关的, 使用大学设施, or the time, 公开表达或分发材料的地点和方式.
  • 不诚实,如作弊或故意向学院提供虚假信息.
  • 未经许可进入或使用学校设施.
  • 伪造、变造或滥用学院文件、记录或身份证明.
  • 妨碍或扰乱课堂, administration, 纪律处分程序或授权的学院活动.
  • 盗窃或损坏属于学院的财产, 大学社团成员或校园访客.
  • The malicious or willful disturbance of the peace or quiet of any of the Los Angeles Community Colleges by loud or unusual noise or any threat, challenge to fight, fight, 或违反本条规定的任何行为规则. Any person whose conduct violates this section shall be considered to have interfered with the peaceful conduct of the activities of the college where such acts are committed.
  • Assault or battery, abuse or any threat of force or violence directed toward any member of the college community or campus visitor engaged in authorized activities.
  • Any possession of controlled substances which would constitute a violation of Health and Safety Code section 11350 or Business and Professions Code section 4230, 使用受管制物质而又拥有受管制物质的行为, or any possession or use of alcoholic beverages while on any property owned or used by the District or colleges of the District or while participating in any District or college-sponsored function or field trip. “受控物质,在本节中使用, 包括但不限于以下药品和麻醉品:
  • 鸦片制剂、鸦片和鸦片衍生物
  • mescaline
  • 迷幻的物质
  • peyote
  • marijuana
  • 兴奋剂和镇静剂
  • cocaine
  • Possession, 在大学校园或大学赞助的活动上, of any object that might be used as a lethal weapon is forbidden all persons except sworn peace officers, 负责维持治安的警察和其他政府雇员.
  • 在大学校园或参加大学赞助的活动时的行为, 不符合学区的不歧视政策, which requires that all programs and activities of the Los Angeles Community College District be operated in a manner which is free of “Prohibited Discrimination,” defined as discrimination or harassment in violation of state or federal law on the basis of actual or perceived ethnic group identification, race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, 性(包括基于性别的性骚扰), pregnancy, marital status, 员工的癌症相关医疗状况, sexual orientation, age, 身体或精神残疾, or veteran status.
  • 两个或两个以上的人的任何集会,以1)进行非法行为, 或者2)在暴力事件中做合法的行为, 喧闹的或喧闹的方式.
  • 两个或两个以上的人之间进行非法行为的协议.
  • A direct or implied expression of intent to inflict physical or mental/emotional harm and/or actions, such as stalking, 一个理智的人会认为是对人身安全或财产的威胁. 威胁可能包括口头声明、书面声明、电话威胁或人身威胁.
  • Conduct which may be considered disorderly includes; lewd or indecent attire or behavior that disrupts classes or college activities; breach of the peace of the college aiding, 或煽动他人破坏大学场所或功能的和平.
  • 盗窃或滥用计算机资源,包括但不限于:
  • 未经授权进入文件以使用、读取或更改内容,或出于任何其他目的.
  • 未经授权传输文件.
  • 未经授权使用他人的身份证明和密码.
  • Use of computing facilities to interfere with the work of a student faculty member or college official, 或者修改大学或学区的记录.
  • 使用未经授权的软件.
  • 未经授权复制软件.
  • 使用计算机设备进行访问, 发送或参与淫秽信息, threatening, defamatory, 呈现出明显而现实的危险, violate a lawful regulation and/or substantially disrupt the orderly operation of a college campus.
  • Use of computing facilities to interfere with the regular operation of the college or district computing system.
  • Conduct while present on a college campus or at a location operated and/or controlled by the District or at a District-sponsored event, 哪些是当地禁止的, State, or federal law.
  • 违反学术诚信的行为包括, 但不限于, 以下行为:考试作弊, plagiarism, 一起完成一项任务, 当老师明确指出学生不应该这样做的论文或项目, 提交同一学期论文给一个以上的讲师, 或者为了提高自己的成绩而允许他人冒充自己的身份.
  • Every person who, by physical force, 故意阻碍, 或者试图阻碍, any student or teacher seeking to attend or instruct classes at any of the campuses or facilities owned, controlled or administered by the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Community College District, is punishable by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500) or imprisonment in a county jail not exceed one year, 或者被这样的罚款和监禁. 在本节中使用, “体力”包括, 但不限于, 使用某人的人, 单独地或与他人共同地, to impede access to or movement within or otherwise to obstruct the students or teachers of the classes to which the premises are devoted.
  • 每一个试图造成, or causes, any officer or employee of any of the Los Angeles Community Colleges or any public officer or employee to do or refrain from doing, 在履行职责时的任何行为, 通过威胁对任何人或财产造成伤害的手段, 犯了公共罪行.
  • Every parent, guardian, or other person who assaults or abuses any instructor employed by the District in the presence or hearing of a community college student or in the presence of other community college personnel or students and at a place which is on District premises or public sidewalks, streets, 或邻近校舍的其他公共道路, or at some other place where the instructor is required to be in connection with assigned college activities is guilty of a misdemeanor.
  • 对个人和/或他人构成伤害威胁的行为. 这包括但不限于以下类型的行为:
  • 与保健服务方案有关的不安全行为(e).g.、护理、口腔卫生等.);
  • 未能遵从地区及/或书院职员的安全指示;
  • Willful disregard of safety rules as adopted by the District and/or College; and/or
  • 造成不安全环境的疏忽行为.




ADA Compliance



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